Making Home Water Drinkable – Vietnam

Making Home Water Drinkable – Vietnam

Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Summary: In this application, a Vietnamese household has access to tap water for different use in the home (shower, dishwashing, flushing, etc.). That tap water is contaminated with various heavy metals, like most of the Ho Chi Minh municipal water system. The family resorts to buying expensive bottled water for drinking purposes.

Objective: turn contaminated tap water into safe and clean drinkable water beating every potable standard from the OMS. Using the N-Zero system

Solution implemented: a N-Zero 60 system was plugged directly on the main water line below the household sink. This installation produced over 80 liters of safe drinkable water per day by extracting a very low percentage of clean water per liter used for other applications in the household. Clean water was stored in a 20L bottle.

Results: Produced water was tested at the Pasteur institute in Ho Chi Minh, which confirmed that it was free of virus, bacteria, metals and other harmful pathogens present in the feed water.

Conclusion: the Zero energy, Zero waste system from Nereo (N-ZERO) is a revolutionary membrane technology that has applications in every country where water is available in apartment buildings but not drinkable due to poor municipal water systems. It also has great disaster-relief applications worldwide, because it doesn’t require energy to operate.

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