Hydroponics Water Treatment – USA

Hydroponics Water Treatment – USA

Location: Portland, OR

Summary: In this application the user operates a facility that cultivates Marijuana for medicinal
purposes. They use a significant amount of water that is used to feed the plants and is then
discharged to the city drain. They are in need of cleaning their waste water to be able to reuse
as the plant feed water

Objective: To filter 1 m3/day of plant waste water for reuse.

Solutions Implemented:
– Provide nanofiltration membranes as the primary stage of the treatment system by installing the N-INDUS
– Maximize N-INDUS techniques to produce best possible water quality while keeping the membranes intact
– Maximize the system recovery to reduce customers operational costs

Conclusion: The N-INDUS filtration system proved that it can successfully filter hydroponic water for reuse. The nutrient level was brought down to a level that the growers can use to feed the plants. It can greatly minimize the amount of water that large growers need from the municipal district thus cutting costs and satisfying the municipal district.

– Achieved a maximum of 80% recovery
– TDS = 106 ppm
– pH = 5.0
– Turbidity = 0.19
– Ammonia = 6.0 mg/L
– Nitrite = 0 mg/L
– Nitrate = 16 mg/L

Operating Conditions:
– Pressure: 80 psi
– Flow: 0.20 m3/hr
– Pressure Pump(s) Power: 1.0 kW
– Recirculation Pump Power: 0.37 kW
– System Power Consumption: 4.65 kWh/m3

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