94% Water Recovery in Packaging Facility – India

94% Water Recovery in Packaging  Facility – India

Testimonial: “We spent nearly a year testing various systems that would allow us to directly feed our wastewater and treat for reuse. We were extremely pleased to have found Nereo. The system has performed flawlessly for 3 years. In that time, we have never replaced an element, cleaned the system twice, and have averaged recovery of 94%. To say I am pleased is an understatement.”
– Vipin Kumar, Managing Director – Ecoware, Ltd.

Location: Delhi, India

Summary: In this application the user operates a plant that turns plant biomass in bio-degradable
plates and other food packaging products. The process uses machinery that heats the biomass and
water in a mold to help create the bond. There is typically some waste water that comes out of the
machines and the process. This water is desired by the client to be cleaned for process reuse

Objective: To filter 20 m3/day of industrial wastewater for reuse at a minimum of 85% recovery and to
reduce the water quality to the standard municipal levels so that it can be reused for the process of
manufacturing bio-degradable products

Solutions Implemented:
– Provide nanofiltration membranes as the only stage of the treatment system by installing the N-INDUS
– Maximize N-INDUS techniques to produce best possible water quality while keeping the membranes intact
– Avoid any pretreatment to reduce costs
– Avoid any post treatment to reduce costs

Conclusion: The N-INDUS filtration system proved that it can easily operate as a standalone system utilizing its unique techniques to eliminate extensive pretreatment and necessary post treatment. As a comparison an equal sized RO unit would need some sort of pretreatment and
additionally would provide a water quality that far exceeds what is necessary to the user (<100 ppm). This unit proves the benefit of the N-INDUS in many industrial cases where the TDS of the product water does not have to be RO quality due to the fact that it does not need to be less than 100 ppm

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