Coconut Factory – Vietnam

Coconut Factory – Vietnam

Location: An Giang, Vietnam

Summary: In this application the user operates a plant that processes coconut water for packaging and selling. This process typically uses a significant
amount of water and so, the user is looking to reuse the water in the coconut processing. In addition, once the coconut water is filtered through the
membrane system the Company will have clean product water and concentrated coconut water. This is also appealing to the user because it can reduce
costs on final processing stages

Objective: To filter 50 m3/day of coconut process water for reuse at a minimum of 85% recovery. Reduce the water quality to food grade levels so that it
can be reused for the coconut water process on food grade equipment. Additionally, concentrate the partially processed coconut water for ease of further

Solutions Implemented:
– Provide nanofiltration membranes as the primary stage of the treatment system by installing the N-INDUS
– Maximize N-INDUS techniques to produce best possible water quality while keeping the membranes intact
– Concentrate the coconut water to 8-10 times its original volume to reduce the shipping costs to the user
– Concentrate the coconut water to 8-10 times its original volume to reduce the energy costs due to heating of the coconut water

– Achieved 85% recovery
– Odor = minimal

Conclusion: In this particular application the N-INDUS proved that it can
withstand pure coconut water which creates a high osmotic pressure due to
sucrose in the water. The only pretreatment needed was a screen filter to
remove any large debris. It was also fully capable of concentrating the coconut
water down to a level where it can save the user money

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