Zero energy water treatment system

Zero energy water treatment system

Clean any contaminated surface water without energy.

Objective: access to clean and safe water in places with no energy available. N-Press is a simple as a french press coffee maker: simply push down the press and you can turn 25 liters of contaminated surface water into 25 liters of clean drinkable water for everyone. Perfect product to be installed in point-of-use places like schools, hospitals or homes, one N-Press provides enough water for 100 people for 3 years.

At a time where technology is available to end outburst of waterborne diseases like Cholera that kill 5 million people a year, the N-Press is a simple way to broadcast it to everyone in remote areas.

Treat any water with 0 energy

Viruses removed 0%
Bacteria removed 0%
3-year clean water supply for 100 people 0%