Affordable, evolutive and 100% renewable,
Nereo provides infinite fresh water wells.

Deep Sea Desalination.


0 KwH / m3 or 80% energy savings
0 meters for operating depth in the Ocean
0 years of operation without membrane fouling

Nereo efficiently extracts clean drinking water from the ocean by harnessing the abundant natural pressure available at depth to drive a Desalination process, saving energy, equipment cost, land and preventing any harm to the environment & sea life. We’re able to install “infinite fresh water wells” in a matter of days for any required output.


1 Square mile of RODS installed in the Redondo canyon (Los Angeles)
would extract enough fresh water to cover all of Southern California daily needs

Our Mission

  • Rid the World of Contaminated Water

    Nereo Technologies is a company based in France started with a mission to rid the world of contaminated water, by focusing on new, low-energy, evolutive technologies available to all.

  • Give Access to Safe Drinking Water

    With strong technological and organizational assets, Nereo aims to address a considerable market and one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century: giving every human being access to safe drinking water.

  • Stop Industrial Water Waste

    Nereo aims to treat and manage 100% of industrial water, in face of a squeeze on global water resources. Our goal : stop Industrial water waste, by bringing a revolutionary, patented, water treatment technology to the market.

  • Turn to the Oceans

    Nereo ultimate goal is to make water scarcity a problem of the past, by bringing to the World an affordable & evolutive, revolutionary desalination product.


The Nereo technology mitigates one of the most pressing problems of membrane technology: the high energy requirements to generate the necessary pressure to extract a high ratio of clean water. By recirculating the feed water, and extracting a small amount each time, Nereo membranes operate at much lower energy requirements

“The next great water technology company will be the one that solves the problem of membrane fouling.” Christopher Gasson, Publisher; Global Water Intelligence. Changing membranes every 2 months because they foul comes at a very high cost for users. Nereo’s unique spaced design and low recovery rate by design allows our membranes to last for years with close to no maintenance.

What do you do with the Brine ? Extracting 50% clean water with traditional water treatment systems means you need to dispose of 50% of the water that’s twice as polluted as before. This is not good for anyone. Nereo’s technology recirculates the brine through the membrane over and over again to achieve 90 to 95% recovery. The little brine that’s left can be evaporated using our systems as well. Neroe is Zero Liquid Discharge, Zero waste by design.